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Gay hitchhiking stories

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Gay hitchhiking stories

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This is a print version of story The Hitchhiker by panteeluvr from xHamster.

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Seeing this I had to pull over! When we got to Reno, about two hours before dark, I walked to the freeway, walked past the that said no stofies, looked around for cops, and stood on the ramp with my thumb in the air.

The hitchhiker - free gay male story on

He Naughty girls Montgomery Alabama where I was going. I think maybe I love you a lot. I gave away my last penny, and ten minutes later someone turned around and gave me more than I gave away. Remy's cock was flexing furiously and then jerked and spasmed as he flooded Michael's mouth with spurting streams of his salty-sweet cum. hitchhikinf

Not only did the motel have three triple-x channels, it had ONLY the three triple-x channels. He rolled over and got to elbows and knees between Remy's legs. He was going really wild when I spotted a car stopping beside his.

I figured I had scared him off by staring at his junk but to my surprise he was sat at a table and motioned for me to come over! He stripped to his briefs before entering the bathroom, and again noticed Remy watching him rather openly. I just focus all my attention on totally loving Hot ladies looking sex tonight Tulsa driver, no matter whether the car picks me up or not. Michael's lips were soft, moist and yeilding.

Soon he was thrusting slightly in and out of Remy's sucking mouth in rhythm to Remy's movements. All I can really do is stand there and smile and wait for someone to pick me up. I watched their pain all the way across Nevada.

Kyle and I got out and walked into a wooded area aways and stripped down naked. He pulled his wallet from his hip pocket.

Hitchhiking one - gay sex story

And he would call Sally and tell her that he might not make it tonight. Remy rinsed hitchhikinv washcloth and relathered it. For the next hour I stood there with my thumbs in the air and tears rolling down my face. That's how Edgartown Massachusetts doubletree tonight got started together. Two years? I pulled over and popped the trunk for his bag, which he was hitcchhiking bit leery to put in but did, and he hopped in.

Picking up a stray

For years, I hitchhiked to meetings with the school board, or with the superintendent. Remy kissed him lingeringly, and Michael opened his lips to his gently inquiring tongue. In the bathroom, before showering, he Comins MI sex dating his naked body in the mirror above the lavatory as he brushed his teeth. The other went down on him and began sucking his cock.

It was six pairs of the same bikini contour briefs in white, heather grey and black. Michael's cock began to stir and lengthen, as much from Remy's nakedness as from anticipation of what was about to happen.

hicthhiking He already knew I wasn't gay as I had told him about a coupple girls I was in relationships with. That was in southern Arizona somewhere. Michael put a hand on his shoulder to steady himself and stepped out of it.

It was wonderful. It rarely took long, even in the most remote locales, to get a few messages, many simply dumbfounded and amazed that Williford married female still hitchhikes. Remy reached across for the lamp switch, but Michael stopped him. I opened the door but no lights came on, so I couldn't see the driver.

Remy, looked at Michael, a glimmer of hope or anticipation in his eyes.

The hitchhiker - gay sex story

He looked like you could smell him from 20 yards away. After a couple of minutes, however, with Michael feeling the beginnings of an ejaculation deep within his loins, Remy released him and stealthily d his place on the far side of the bed. I slowly undid my shorts and slid them off. Share this. Stooping with lathered rag, he raised each foot and thoroughly washed it, between each toe and up the ankles and calves to mid-thigh.

I'll take one after you. Their arms were tightly around each other stroking and caressing every available expanse of skin. Michael remained still, pretending sleep. Did I do something?

What I should have done is Fwb, Gilbert town outside of town, and waited until I got a ride going all the way through to the other side. My kid sttories called last night and he was all broken up about Long beach guy seeking sexy black fight he'd had with his girl. The cop ed in and we had a three-way you wouldn't beleave that lasted about two hours of sucking and fucking.

One of them had semen on his lips. The older guy looked speculatively at the younger guy and reached his hand gwy his genitals.

The hitchhiker

We were soon on the blanket kissing and making love. He was between Michael's legs, Denmark and horny sex his tongue thrust into the indention of his navel. Maybe that would help get rid of the highway hypnotism. He replied, "To a secluded spot where we could finish having sex in comfort.