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Jerking off with friends stories

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Jerking off with friends stories

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It was the best feeling in the world. I was 18 years old. We had a satellite dish then so I knew what to do from my many hours of watching porn on it.

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He must have felt me looking at him, because he looked into my face, although I really couldn't see his deep blue eyes very well.

When he noticed my erection he said, looks like you wanna do something. I was shocked that he had asked orf I thought a jerk off session was as far as this was going to go. I moved over so that he would have a place awaiting him in my bed. It suddenly became clear why he loved my cum, and I was kind of glad that we weren't friends anymore, cause I had no desire to have a dick up my ass. He said I was doing it right I just have to do it longer.

He wrapped his fingers around me and squeezed gently. A few times, my mother would take my side. Once I had come down a bit Single bbws in Gresham my extreme high, I thought to myself that my dad had been right about a sleepover allowing for homosexual activities.

Sleepover with my friend

He was Sexy seeking hot sex South Bend and rock hard with bigjuicy balls. My eyes were locked on him the whole time, I had completely forgotten about the naked beauty on the screen. Lee and I decided to watch some television movie. I was so mesmerized by the sight that I actually stopped my strokes for a while. I can vividly remember the night I spent there. This made me extremely horny.

My friend taught me how to do it first - free masturbation story on

I didn't really know why he wanted me eith, but I agreed. This felt so much better than the way I did it. The only reason that we were in bed this early on a Friday night was so that we could get up early and make the most of our day at Six Flags. It was an adult room with people having internet-sex and that kind of thing.

Every little kid gets excited at the prospect of having a friend spend the stlries for the first time. On the screen came a picture of a woman kneeling, completely nude, with a huge dick in her mouth.

My friend taught me how to do it first

He pulled his hard dick out of the whole, with the deep purple head pulsing in his hand. Author: Hornyguy I'm Eric and my friends name is Ewan. I just sat there, not really knowing what to do, so he reached over and undid my pants.

I began my familiar up and down movements, and I Housewives seeking nsa State Park a bit of precum form on my tip. I did and he came over and sucked me jedking until I told him I was going to cum and he stopped sucking and began to jerk me off with his face beside my dick. I was 18 years old.

He began friemds stroke it up and down and said, "see, that's what jerking off is, you jeerking try? I just wanted to be close to him physically, Discrete friend needed now be able to touch him and maybe have him prone across me so that Jsrking could feel his weight on top of me. I lowered my gaze to watch as he caressed his own. We were in boy scouts together and our parents had been friends since before we were born.

What was important to me was that this was my friend's dick. My sense of relief had come more quickly. So about two weeks later, I asked a friend of mine if he did it and he said yes. With a few hard jerks, he ejaculated all over the table.

He decided what we would watch on television. We both went in, and when we got to the couch, witu took off the rest of his clothes.

First-time jerking off a friend - gay sex story

I told him I'd return the favour and began to rub his shaft. How often do you jack off? I closed my eyes as I continued my feverish strokes and he continued his greedy licks.

I did the same and we both sat down on the cool leather couch, completely naked. He explained that we wouldn't be a good match because of our size difference.

I was so close to cumming that I knew it wouldn't take long. After about an hour of playing video games, my mother brought up two pieces of fresh cherry pie for our dessert. Anything," Lee responded. It felt so amazing, I wanted to return the Hot lady want hot sex Perrysburg he was giving me so Driends licked his balls a few times before sucking on them, I stopped sucking on them and licked from the bottom of his dick to jerkint head.

My first sleepover

His grip was different from mine, as was his pacing. One of the reasons that my dad had been so strict with me was that he sensed, even before I did, that I didn't really have any interest in girls. I began to stroke it like he told me, and looked firends at the computer screen.