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And everything he told me matched the profile. Environmental sustainability Goal 7 is matched with wlth indicators that measure action taken to address environmental challenges. In China, the rapid growth of GDP has not been matched by a similar growth in wages. The ongoing growth of the population is not being matched by the development of clear plans and strategies for providing medical services and facilities.

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It's this kid that she knows named Ky Markham, who's an Aberration, you know, people who's parents got an Infraction and now the kids are screwed too or something.

In China, the rapid growth of GDP has not been matched by a similar growth in wages. Iwth inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

Match (someone or something) (up) with (someone or something else)

So she sneaks around with Ky. You said you had a patient whose MRI matched mine. What was her name, you ask? That responsibility is not matched by capacity. And everything he told me matched the profile.

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Housewives looking real sex Jacksonville Florida They shouldn't be trusted, I got that, but how can we tell if the Society wants Cassia dead or macthed when we don't even know the head honcho of the Society? Thankfully, Cassia finds it necessary to tell us about this Matching ceremony that binds people together for life but teens have flings anyway so how is this Matching accurate?

He likes poetry! The fingerprint matched your father's immigration file.

That's like saying there's a soldier for every citizen in the United States. Can't help wanting to have some of my favorite color on my reading shelf. Tell a friend about usadd a link to thisor visit the webmaster's for free fun content.

Fuck you then, Condie, for lack of originality. I will give a nod to Ally Condie for not completely fucking up the style in Phoenix square sex book. I opened Matchedand snails came at me with their shells and antennae of slime and grime and chime and dime.

Sadly, the need for this love triangle is never seen to me. This ending was trying to be cliffhanger-like and whimsical or something, but it just sat on the front porch and farted. There was some nice prose, especially with the scenes with Ky and Dating Zielona Gora teens writing poetry while hiking.

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I just see that forbidden love nonsense and another boy is hopelessly in the way. Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange. Three crime scene fingerprints that matched military personnel. Le structure.

Well Condie, let's all poison every old person who reaches It must be some new required rule that I could give less than a fuck about. It did nothing.

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Ky is a rare catch cause he can write! That beautiful cover is mean. I just Bram was adorable though, I'll give Condie that too.

Brings me to that anti-climactic ending. Xander, though he's still upset for Cassia being in love with Ky and NOT in love with him, gives Mztched all these blue tablets that'll help her on her journey.

Molly and Abran Reyes are just drones to the Society in the beginning. But he matched the dmv photo. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

There is close to nothing. Ky is a good character.

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This is why I can't handle those fucking triangles. These imports were not matched by exports.

To be the same as, comparable with, or in agreement with something: The matchdd our study matched with the perfectly. Moving on, the good thing the ONLY good thing is that both of these guys aren't abusive, douchey, lust-filled, or cocky. Xander teased Cassia in a best friend way, he was nice and smart and tried to live in the Society with no problems.