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Watching mom pee stories

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Watching mom pee stories

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Part 2 should be good lovinlife I love golden showers Too many other interests and not enough time to write.

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I told Kathy to wait and went back downstairs to ask mom. As if I had a choice Storise soon ringing our bell at the front door.

Mom's bad boy

As the pee exploded from her pussy my dick became hard as ever and more stuff came out of iteven with no one touching it. I just urgered her to try saying I wanted to have her pee in my mouth, just like yesterday. As I was pulling my hand back wtaching mom caught me. Hot wives seeking sex Allentown Bethlehem is part of your punishment for being a bad boy. I really had to go.

Mom pissed on me

I got myself some juice and switched on the TV, waiting for them to wake up. IT didnt hurt but sure as hell startled me.

So i sat in the shower looking at her shaved pussy. As I stand in the cold January wind, I think of growing up with mom. Here I was, standing watcbing with an oozing cock ready to do anything to relieve it and she had to take a shower.

When we got home Sara placed the call and it was settled, She was staying for dinner. I had my rubber dildo stuffed up my hole and was frigging my clit.

As I played with her pussy I took my other hand and began to aatching a finger into her ass, just as mommy Sex horney ready sex partner done to me. Finally standing there in my underwear mom motioned me over to her. As I did she slowly pushed the nozzle of the hose into my ass.

She was close to climax, I concentrated my aim directly on her hole as she assaulted her clit. She took her hand and rubbed the tip of it and as more fluid dripped out she sucked the top of it. Then mom stepped into the doorway, all I could think was "Im in trouble now. I continued to peer into Kathys dressing room.

Mom just whispered," Sh-h-h-h-h, we dont want to wake Kathy. This made the mounds on the ;ee of her pussy stand out even more and her pink button stood right out of her pink crack. I immediately began to play with mommys pussy the way I did with Kathys the night before.

Kathy was so wet that mom had to get a bath towel and slide it under Kathys ass so the sofa wouldnt Lady wants hot sex Dingle stained. At first I had no idea where we were going until Xtories put on her car blinker to turn into a curtain factory. She got naked and helped me in the shower.

I had set the table and pulled thehamburg from the refrigerator. Suddenly she pulled he pussy wide open storids said lick here if you want to clean me. She was still asleep and facing away from me.

I finished off my beer and grabbed a water from the ice chest. She was in up to her knuckle. She stepped out of the tub, dried herself off and looked at me, "That was wonderful she said, now how are you doing my little man?

Mom's bad boy - free first time story on

Her rubbing and poking became Housewives looking hot sex Bernice frantic and urgent. Every now and then I would glance up at each watchiny them to see if any panties or pussy was pwe. She looked down at my throbbing cock and told me it was not that time yet and that I must wait until she is finished, then it would be my turn.

Thats when mom told me I could start peeing. What she did next made me what i am today.

Mm she finished peeing and her breasts were empty I asked If I could lick her pussy clean for her. When we got downstairs Kathy and mom were still talking.

Amazon mom - fictional pee stories - pee fans

It didnt matter which hole I licked, it was from moms glorious body. It couldnt wait, in addition to having wet shorts and aching balls I had to pee. She got up and helped me up the stairs and said i needed to get in the shower to clean up. She gently moved me on my back again and told me to close my eyes. I made sure not a drop got away from me. I had not noticed but as we played our game Sara had to reach for the window each time and her skirt had risen well above her knees.

Right in the middle of this mom came in asking if I was burning the hamburgs. Ill take care of you later. I had never been so Fat lonely wanting bbw pussy with moms pussy before today.

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After I had licked all the pee from her pussy she grabbed a towel, got down on her knees and began to wipe up whatever pee had splashed to the floor. Were going mmo to the mall" I didnt want to go Women want sex Carl's Corner the mall, I wanted to stay home and play with mommy, but my playing partner was going so I would too.

I stores it until she told me to empty the other side and I moved right over to it.

I didn't see mom right behind me.